Interactive software for learning and practicing the basics of sign language

About the project

The integration of deaf-mute people in our everyday life has been always a challenge for our society. The award winning Show Me! (Mutasd!) app opens the door to anybody to easily learn to communicate with deaf-mute people. The application is intuitive and user friendly and the methodology applied for learning the sign language provides an easy and entertaining way for practicing. Our main goal was and is to make this special language more popular, especially for the younger generation, so they become more open and more interested in the deaf-mute culture.

Interface and workflow

Two virtual hands and an intuitive, user friendly and minimalist interface greet the user. The three-dimensional animated hands do the gestures corresponding to the word which the user types into the search bar. If the app doesn’t recognize the word, the hands do the gesture for each letter of the input, one by one, based on Fingerspelling. Cheerful images appear behind the hands, which help memorizing the gestures and which are appealing to the younger audience.

Learn, practice!

One of the most important elements of the learning process is practicing. There are two ways in the application to practice one way is focusing on better understanding and the other on controlling knowledge. When practicing the meaning of a sing, earlier learned signs appear on the screen and the user is asked to type the corresponding word. In case of testing knowledge, a word appears on the screen and the user can check whether they use the right sign.

The importance of sign language

The integration of deaf-mute people in our everyday life has been always a challenge for our society. Approximately 60 000 deaf-mute person and over 300 000 hearing-impaired people live in Hungary alone. We can’t teach them to speak, but we can learn to use sign-language

Awards and achievements

Intel ISEF 2017

Los Angeles, CA

4th Grand Prize

Oracle Young Talent Award

Oracle Hungary (2017)


Future Makers International Award

Liberty Global/Unitymedia, CoderDojo (2017)

2nd prize

Future Makers Hungarian Award

UPC Hungary (2017)

1st prize

Exhibited and presented at Researcher's Night

Ericsson Hungary Research Center

EUCYS 2016

Brussels, Belgium



Apple, Inc.

Scholarship winner

25. Scientific and Innovation Contest for Youth

Hungarian Innovation Commision (2016)

1st prize

Scientific Student Contest XVI.Carpathian Basin Conference

TUDOK 2016, Computer Science Section

Grand prize

<19 Freestyle Computer Science Contest

C3 Foundation (2015)


1app Application Developer Contest

Educational app category (2015)

1st prize

International Neumann Software Contest

Educational software category (2015)

1st prize

Media publications

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